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Our Mission
Every lesson gives back

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For every lesson with DoubleUp, a free lesson is donated to an underprivileged

child who needs academic support.





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DoubleUp offers a free lesson to a child who would struggle to afford it for every lesson purchased. These children often struggle with language barriers or special needs, and really benefit from one-to-one teaching.

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Tutor Profile
Ben Young
Upper 6th Student
at Eton College

"I love languages and linguistics. I'm on DoubleUp to share that passion, and to help others."

Tutor Profile
Clemie Moore
Lower 6th Student
at Latymer School

"I'm a huge reader, and I am looking to pass that habit on to future English and History students. I will be studying English Literature at UCL next year."

Tutor Profile
Aaron Yanick
Upper 6th student
at Harrow School

"My main academic passion is mathematics. I compete in international olympiads and maths challenges. In future, I plan on studying in the US and working in STEM."

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